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CSJ is a range of dog food that is free from artificial colours and preservatives and is GM free. It is produced in the UK and is one of the fastest growing dog food brands. Many dog owners, trainers and handlers are achieving great success in the show, obedience or agility ring and out on the gundog or sheepdog field.

The range includes mixes for elderly dogs, puppies, breeding bitches, show dogs, working dogs and those with sensitive stomachs. Prices range from £10.99 to £34 per 15kg bag. The protein range is 10-31%.

The CSJ Herbal range allows you to tailor your dog's diet for specific requirements such as Come On! to build coat and body or Eezy Peezy! to support the urinary tract. We also have some fantastic treats such as fish skins - which dogs adore!

CSJ is available direct from the company at www.csjk9.com. However, we are able to provide a delivery service (just £2) to customers in the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire areas (and collection for customers in North Lincolnshire).

Delivery to South, North and West Yorkshire is available on the first Sunday of each month. Please place your order in good time. If you miss the delivery you can collect from just off junction 2 of the M180 at any time (within reason!). We always try our best to help out new customers and try to get the first bag to you even if the delivery has been missed (donations towards diesel costs are appreciated).

Please contact us for further information. We offer a friendly, experienced service, 7 days a week.

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Price List

All bags are 15kg unless otherwise stated. Percentages are Protein content.

Many varieties are available in smaller bags for collection only - please contact us for details


Champ! Range
This is a range of value for money dog feed. We have many satisfied customers who now feed this food

Natural Champ!

Value Food for Adult dogs



Natural Little Champ!

Exceptional Value puppy food Easily soaked, this food can be fed to puppies from 3 weeks of age



Natural Sooper Dooper Champ!

Higher Protein food.  Great value.



Old Champ! A fantastic value food for retired or overweight dogs 18% £13.99

CSJ Original Range
This is our original premium range that has become a firm favourite.  It is specially formulated by vets and the UK's leading nutritionist for all working dogs.

Natural That’ll Do

Suitable for all dogs – exceptional value



Natural Herbie Nuts

This quality feed is fast becoming popular and is used by a cross section of dogs. It is ideal for 'resting' gundogs, boarders or slightly less active dogs - containing a minimum of 20% real chicken with added quality herbs, fenugreek, seaweed and mint.



Natural Herbie Rings

A real favourite with CSJ customers and used by several well known 'champions' in the dog world. Natural Herbie Rings contain quality herbs - fenugreek, seaweed and mint to aid digestion, increase palatability and enhance condition. They also really smell wonderful but seemingly fleas, ticks and other 'passengers' don't like it!



Lamb & Rice

Wheat gluten free, this diet contains a minimum of 26%, highly digestible, real lamb and is the ideal choice for active dogs or dogs with extra sensitive stomachs. It has become a firm favourite with rough collies - with some 'winning' results.



Fit n Fast

Wheat gluten free, high energy ration that uses salmon as the protein source with green vegetables and herbs but containing no rice or artificial preservatives. Highly palatable and easily digestible.



Natural Rocket Fuel

Breeding Bitches or very hard working dogs



Lamb Senior

Ideal for old or overweight dogs with sensitive stomach



Complete Tripe! New, wheat gluten free recipe that uses fresh tripe as the main protein source with green vegetables and herbs but containing no artificial colours or preservatives. Highly palatable and easily digestible 22% £20.80
Mixer New. This Wholemeal mixer is perfect for the owners who prefer to feed their dogs 'meat and biscuits'. This ration should be mixed with either dry or fresh meat or fish... Ideal for those dogs with either a maize or rice intolerance but not if they are sensitive to wheat gluten. 10% £16.00
Hike On! Hike On! is highly palatable, digestible ration that has been specially formulated for racing sled dogs. This rice and wheat gluten free ration provides all the necessary nutritional requirements our racing champions need. Salmon is the main ingredient and there is a high oil content too. 31% £21.35

Command Performance Range
CSJ Command Performance is a new range of super-premium dog (and cat) food.  It includes premium quality meats, chondroitin, MSM, Omega 3 essential oils, beneficial herbs and is free from wheat gluten, soya, dairy and GM.


Formulated for less active dogs. Glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to assist the ageing dogs joints and movement




Truly, a super premium quality, hypo allergenic dog food that uses salmon as the main ingredient with a high oil content. This is the perfect ration for dogs with sensitive tummies or skin problems. Now the choice of many champions!




A super premium dog food for active dogs.




Specially formulated for all breeds of puppies. Using lamb as the protein source, this hypo allergenic ration is especially perfect for those lines of breeding that may have an intolerance to wheat gluten. We have also added herbs to aid digestion as well as chondroitin, glucosamine and msm for the joints. Easily soaked to wean your puppies from around the age of 3 weeks onwards.




A super premium hypo - allergenic, high energy dog food for very active dogs using salmon as the main ingredient. This ration is fast becoming the first choice of top racing sled dog teams - World Champion Keith Johnson; SDAS Championship Winners, Martin Hogg and Shane Murray




CP Xtra is more than just a natural wheat gluten free mixer! It is a 'complete' dog food that has been especially formulated as a conditioning supplementary feed for hard working or competing dogs that have difficulty gaining or holding bodyweight and is a perfect, natural 'balancer' to BARF diets



Command Purrformance Cat Food

NB 2kg




Herbal Supplements
Produced with help from one of the country’s top herbalists, the CSJ herbal range has been developed to enable your dog’s diet to be tailored specifically for their individual needs.

Billy No Mates!

A really effective, natural Flea, Tick and Mite Repellent for dogs and cats. BNM is simply sprinkled over food. And as well as repelling 'passengers', Billy No Mates! is great for skin and coat condition. We recommend BNM is used from Easter onwards.



Billy No Mates Tincture

Now available in tincture form!  Simply added to your pet's food or treat.



Calm Down!

For ring shyness or stress. We recommend giving double dose for the first 21 days to really get the product into your dog's system. Now recommended by several Behavioural Trainers and Vets.



Come On!

Get ahead in the show ring! This wonderful conditioning mix of herbs would be ideal to help get your dog into winning condition. Great for coat, skin and body. Especially beneficial to underweight dogs



Gravy Works New! A highly palatable, natural dog gravy that should be mixed with hot water before pouring over your champ's tea (containing approx 40 servings) 500g £13.25

Eezy Peezy!

Eezy Peezy! is a herbal blend for the maintenance of the urinary system and is also great for preventing burn marks on your lawn.



Get Over!

A herbal blend which can really benefit those dogs feeling their age and showing signs of stiffness now the weather is cold and wet. This is a brilliantly effective product



No Ake! A highly potent herb that is aimed at the nutritional maintenance of the dog's musculo-skeletal system and in particular the inflammatory response. 75g £13.25

Go On!

This product has fast become a firm favourite among top agility, flyball and racing sled dogs. 'Go On!' is a natural 'Competition Mix' for active dogs. Can your dog afford not to try it?




A herbal blend for the nutritional balance of the digestive system.



Hold It!

Totally natural herbal blend for the maintenance of the urinary System. Great for dogs with leaky bladders.



Phantom Raspberry!

Totally natural product to help bitches prone to experiencing symptoms of phantom pregnancies




A totally natural herbal supplement that can help support the dog's natural immune system to help 'fight' intolerances and sensitivities while putting a wonderful shine on their coat!



Slippery Elm Powder





A herbal blend for the maintenance of the nervous system.



Stroppy Bitch!

Totally natural product to help bitches experiencing hormonal temperament problems.



Seaweed and Parsley

This is a totally natural mix of Canadian Kelp and Seaweed to aid dental health which typically last (eg Border Collie) at least 8 months using the recommended daily dose which is tiny!



Gravy Works! A highly palatable, natural dog gravy that should be mixed with hot water before pouring over your champ's dinner. (containing approx 40 servings) 500g £13.25

Down Boy

Are you often embarrassed by your dog's amorous nature? If so, try some of our Down Boy! Down Boy! is CSJ's latest herbal blend to naturally suppress the sexual drive in dogs.




CSJ Organic, Natural Treats

Poppets Tasty little bone shaped training treats that contain our Get Over! herbs (to aid mobility). Wheat gluten free and low calorie.






Cod based treats for your dog - prefect for use as training bait.



Fruit N Mutt Containing a feast of natural fruits and herbs - these 60 gram energy snack bars are perfect for when your dog needs a bit more oomph. 60g £1.00
Pemmikan Energy Bar A very powerful, high energy feed block that is perfect for hard working dogs, stressed show dogs and can also build up underweight dogs, looks like a very chunky chocolate bar and can be easily broken up into small pieces to provide a regular energy source throughout the working dog's day. 400g £5.50
Dem Bones Dem Bones! are a completely natural treat for dogs containing effective levels of charcoal and herbs to help clean teeth, freshen bad breath and 'eliminate' bad instances of dog gas!!





Crispy Fish Skins Tub

Extremely palatable, totally natural these are great for getting rid of plaque. Suitable for all sizes of dogs as well as for pups.



Crispy Fish Skins Refill



Cat and Kitten Food

Command Purrformance

Command Purrformance Cat Crunch is a super premium, complete pet food for cats. PURRfectly balanced, this ration is highly palatable and does not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Chicken or Salmon



Command Purrformance Kitten Pips

Command Purrformance Kitten Pips is a super premium, complete pet food for Kittens and Pregnant Nursing Adult Cats. PURRfectly balanced, this ration is highly palatable and does not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.



Natural Cat A very popular, complete dry cat food used by catteries, breeders and pet owners. Based on the recipe of a leading brand.







We also stock cages / crates 24" is £35 and 36" is £47

Grooming tables from £65

Puppy pens £49.99


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